week 10 – convergence and the future of journalism

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What is convergence and why do we care?
What’s your crystal ball?


  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Lab time for projects
  • Housekeeping: grades updated … questions about next week’s deliverables (CollectIt Link)

Check the gradesheet for the status of your “rhetoric” posts. I asked that you do these throughout the quarter. Several of you did not do so. I will not accept multiple posts per day from 1 June forward. Those of you who had made only 3-4 posts until 1 June should also not post on consecutive days. Part of the exercise was for people to get into the Practice of posting — something impossible to do in one week. :-/

The Current State of US NewsTEDTalks, March 2008

Promised link:
Nicholas Negroponte, MIT  – Four Predictions (3 Correct) – TEDTalks- Feb 1984

Can Digital Media Convergence Help?

The Challenge of Converging Media – ONA

Day In The Life of Converged Newsroom

Reuters Mobile Phone Reporting

Mobile Citizen Reporting – New Project

Newsroom Integration: Case Study

What About TV On Your Phone? Useful?

Interactive TV Commercial



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