week 9 – questions

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Each week, I compile your questions in a post like this. Having your questions and link here is the first step towards my recording the week’s points in the spreadsheet. It is your responsibility to alert me if I erred (did not mark and extra-credit or missed your questions).

Remember: questions must NOT be closed-ended … appending “why?” doesn’t count! Think and rephrase. This will help you when you are preparing for an interview!

  1. Faith:
    1) How can we back up our data that is stored on Web 2.0 style service in the event that the creator does a disappearing act?
    2) How would you envision a future where everything is link by networks and run by communities? How successful would that be?
  2. Jason:
  3. 1) What aspects of a headline most often get you to read the article? In other words what catches your attention simply and direct and catchy and entertaining?
    2) Why do you think our consumption habits are starting to resemble a more mechanic model? Do you think that this might only be a trend or will it only continue?

  4. Jessica:
    • How can bloggers attract readership without forfeiting creativity when it comes to creating headlines?
    • When it comes to what makes the cut for the RSS feed, how can bloggers guarentee themselves a spot on the list?
  5. Kendra
    – How will journalism programs, such as the UW’s, adjust their headline writing curriculum to overcome the issue of search engine induced “synonymity”?
    – How will online articles that strive to be seen as traditional journalism be impacted if headlines do become straight literal?
  6. Khair
    -What more tools could social networking websites add to allow users to effectively use their network?
    – What kind of regulation, if any, should be applied to social networking websites?
    – Can social networking websites be regulated? [closed]
    -What features would you look for in a strong social network?
  7. KC
    – How else is media consolidation a negative for our public news services?
    – Can you see a shift back to public, not private, news services in the future? [closed]
    – Why/how could media conglomeration change viewership?
  8. Lorin
    1. What do you think will be the future of personal privacy as more aspects of our lives go online?
    2. What’s the next big thing to take off in regards to social media/the online world?
  9. Nicole B. – n.q.
  10. Nicole C
    1) If social networks didn’t arise, what would have society done to counter the growing need for person-to-person interaction?
    2) What are traditional media trying to do to counter the growing movement to online media? (EX: Craigslist.com is taking away business from newspapers.)
  11. Samantha
    1. How can we contiune networking online and keep up with the times and still be able to maintain a reasonable amount of privacy?
    2. Why do you think people are becoming more prone to turning into “humanbots” and read their headlines the same way that search engines do?
  12. Sara
    – How will straightforward headlines dictate what people chose to read?
    – What do straight-to-the-point news articles affect the quality of news?
  13. Whitney B
    – Are online social networking sites helping us interact as a society or are they hindering our experiences with interpersonal communication?
    – Why have social networking sites become such a phenomenon and where can they go from here?
  14. Whitney T – n.q.

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