week 9: how technology shapes the world

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– Why networks matter
– What is the role of computer code in shaping social processes? How is this related to politics and what are the implications for journalism and those who practice it?
– How do financial pressures shape news and public service?


  • Peer work: develop best practices/tips for writing persuasive posts
  • Wiki work: moving forward
  • Your “ah-ha” question
  • Peer respondents (the last one!)

Persuasive Posts:


  1. Pair using Wiki partner pairs
  2. Read the other person’s post; take note of effective use of headline, copy, argument. What “worked” and why? What advise do you have for a blogger (or new columnist!)?
  3. Pair / discuss
  4. Group in 4s / discuss
  5. Develop specific suggestions that we will post here (in comments!)

Ethics elsewhere (and the need for appropriate skepticism)

Wiki work:
Work with your partner to make your existing pages “look alike” … and like others on the site! Some will need to add some information; others may need to trim. Discuss, suggest, work!

Please fix things pointed out by Kathy on the main index page (if you haven’t done so already) and then report in so that I can remove those comments. Then continue working on your states.

Today’s Question from Ah-Has and the Rest of the Quarter:
How can I get my posts to show up in blog search engines?

How do I cultivate a following?

  • Unique voice
  • Focus (maybe)
  • Technorati/linking/commenting

Peer Respondents:

  • (Nicole B) Blood, R. (2002). Weblog Ethics. In The Weblog Handbook. Perseus Books Group. Respondents: Faith, Jason, Kendra, Khair, Sammi, Sara, WhitneyT
  • (Khairun) Lessig, L. 1999. Chapter 1 and 5. Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. New York: Basic Books [eReserve]
    Jessica, KC, Lorin, NicoleB, NicoleC, WhitneyB


  • We’ll focus on the readings and your questions!
  • We’ll look at blog design

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4 Responses to “week 9: how technology shapes the world”

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(1) Analogies – abstract concept and relating to real life
(2) Personal voice not just facts & data
(3) Appeal to your audience with pathos appeal – jrl values
(4) Use facts/statistics in your argument if appropriate and makes the issue tangible
(5) Examples as ways to take abstract concept and make tangible
(6) Keep arguments simple
(7) Structure: tell ’em what you’re gonna tell ’em, then tell ’em, then tell ’em what you told ’em!
(8) Linking to primary sources and other voices on your side
(9) Focus on the bigger picture

Kathy, I was wondering how do we create a link such that when people click on it, it will automatically open up in a new window?

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