week 8 – the legal environment, cont’d

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– Ethics, copyright and other laws
– Should political/news bloggers have a code of ethics?
Technologies: Creative Commons License


  • Framing (ppt)
  • Pro-Con Discussion: Should political/news bloggers have a code of ethics?
  • Break
  • Reading Discussion
  • Third genre: the persuasive post


Student Discussion:

  • (Nicole B) Blood, R. (2002). Weblog Ethics. In The Weblog Handbook. Perseus Books Group.
  • (Khairun) Lessig, L. 1999. Chapter 1 and 5. Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. New York: Basic Books [eReserve]

The Persuasive Post – Resources

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One Response to “week 8 – the legal environment, cont’d”

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– actually focuses on politics or blog attached to a media outlet
– greater argument – is blogging considered an act of journalism (reference to earlier reading)
– people are turning to blogs as a source of news – obligation to readers to follow copyright
– if we are going to call them the 5th estate

– thomas jefferson – he would rather have newspapers over government rather than the other way around
– $ for membership
– quote from PRSA code of ethics re whistleblowing and requirements to whistleblow
– marketplace of ideas (and google)

break for rebuttal

con rebuttal
– bloggers as jrls – national conventions
no editor or higher power or time schedule
– bloggers aren’t doing it for the money (no sub)
– you don’t find bloggers falsifying facts because too many eyeballs
– can keep it simple – always update, add more links

pro rebuttal
– constitution – country was founded on a set of guidelines, written down, an bloggers should have guidelines too
– code of ethics would not zapp any of the humanistic elements of blogging
– we don’t mean that you have to join an organization to be ethical
– bigger argument that we’ve been focused on this quarter: blogging is a true form of journalism and to be respected and credible bloggers need to sub

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