Week 7 – Podcasting, Flickr And YouTube, cont’d

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– What is the impact of NetVideo on politics and mainstream newspapers?
– What is the role and future of the multi-media journalist?
Technologies: YouTube, Blip.tv, Current.tv, Flickr


What is a podcast? Who listens to podcasts? Who watches YouTube? Why?

Student Readings

Discussion (think-and-share)
  1. How do you think the internet and the idea of interconnectedness affects the marketplace of ideas on the global scale?
  2. How have traditional media been affected with the advent of YouTube?
  3. How do you think YouTube will provide a platform for journalism in the future?


(1) Skills: MultiMedia:

Bring an image you’d like to add to a blog post — remember that you need to have the right to use the image! Also, bring a link to a YouTube clip that you’d like to feature in a blog post. We’ll learn how to do one of these on Thursday (and the other one next week)!

Today – embed a YouTube Clip!

(1) Find a YouTube clip that you want to include in your blog post. Copy the URL (link) to the clipboard. If you are watching on YouTube, it’s the main URL in the browser; if you are watching on a blog, click “menu” (lower right corner), click “copy URL to clipboard”

(2) This is the syntax:

[ youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6SefbFbixI ]


(2) VoteAbsentee
Solo – review my comments on the index page. In pairs — read/discuss/edit one another’s pages.

(3) Peer Interaction – second comment
(1 – Nicole C) Howard, P. N. ( 2003). Digitizing the Social Contract: Producing American Political Culture in the Age of New Media. The Communication Review (6). 213-245. (pdf)
Respondents: KC, Lorin, Sara, WhitneyB

(2 – KC) Johnson, E. (2006). Polibloggers and the Politics Press In America.Reconstruction 6.4.
Respondents: Kendra, Khair, NicoleB, Sammi, WhitneyT

(3 – Whitney) Rosen, J. (2007, Nov. 14). These Beat Reporters Will Try The Social Network Way. PressThink
Also, see beatblogging.org

Respondents: Faith, Jason, Jessica, NicoleC
Evolution of Dance: from wikpedia

Judson (Jud) Laipply is an American motivational speaker and comedian from Bucyrus, Ohio.[1] He is best known for his performance in the Evolution of Dance clip, which is currently the #1 Most Viewed (All Time) Video, #1 Most Favorited (All Time) Video, and #8 Most Discussed (All Time) Video on YouTube.


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