week 7 – moving beyond the blog: podcasting, Flickr and YouTube

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– What is the impact of NetVideo on politics and mainstream newspapers?
– What is the role and future of the multi-media journalist?
Technologies: YouTube, Blip.tv, Current.tv, Flickr

Student Questions

Each week, I compile your questions in a post like this. Having your questions and link here is the first step towards my recording the week’s points in the spreadsheet. It is your responsibility to alert me if I erred (did not mark and extra-credit or missed your questions).

Remember: questions should be open-ended … appending “why?” doesn’t count! Think and rephrase. This will help you when you are preparing for an interview!

Post Genres:
The Analytical Post (the first step to an effective soap box blog)
The analytical post contains information from multiple sources; in the post, the author explores an idea. The author may synthesize information and develop a new frame for an idea; may criticize ideas presented in other blog posts or news articles; or may point out information that a news article or blog post failed to mention. In a “strict” analytical post, there is no call to action or intent to persuade.

This is related to, but does not fully emulate, a traditional analytical essay. (Tips for evaluating evidence.)


If you are at a loss for a topic, find a news story related to a topic covered in the class. Use your favorite search engine to find other writers on the topic. Then write a medium-length blog post that utilizes these other articles (usually, at least three sources) and that reflects your “voice.” Come to class Thursday prepared to work on this in lab.

Politics & Social Media – examples
Newsvine – 1, 2, 3, 4
Facebook 1, 2
TH: MySpace – 1, 2, 3
TH: YouTube – 1, 2, 3

Student Readings (we’ll do this Thursday!)

AhHa’s and the rest of the quarter:

Only five comments. :-/
We will definitely address the following question (as well as the questions about inserting an image and multimedia)

I would like to learn more corporate blogs and how they are being used to enhance business… I am curious at what sort of blogging skills companies are looking for in employees and what information I should include on my resume. Even just help with blogging lingo, key phrases or essential skills I should acquire for the “business blogging” world would be so helpful!


(1) VoteAbsentee
Pair up and look at one another’s pages. Do the pages feel like they are part of the same site – why or why not? What recommendations do you have for how we move forward with the other three states?

(2) Peer Interaction
(1 – Nicole C) Howard, P. N. ( 2003). Digitizing the Social Contract: Producing American Political Culture in the Age of New Media. The Communication Review (6). 213-245. (pdf)
Respondents: KC, Lorin, Sara, WhitneyB

(2 – KC) Johnson, E. (2006). Polibloggers and the Politics Press In America. Reconstruction 6.4.
Respondents: Kendra, Khair, NicoleB, Sammi, WhitneyT

(3 – Whitney) Rosen, J. (2007, Nov. 14). These Beat Reporters Will Try The Social Network Way. PressThink
Also, see beatblogging.org

Respondents: Faith, Jason, Jessica, NicoleC

For Thursday:

Bring an image you’d like to add to a blog post — remember that you need to have the right to use the image! Also, bring a link to a YouTube clip that you’d like to feature in a blog post. We’ll learn how to do one of these on Thursday (and the other one next week)!


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