week 6 – TH – social media and politics, cont’d

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  • Guest Speaker: Jody Brannon, former online editor, USA Today, now senior editor, MSN.com
  • Student Reading
  • Politics & social media
  • Discussion re “ah-ha’s” and the rest of our time together
  • Pundits


Student Reading – Whitney
Rosen, J. (2007, Nov. 14). These Beat Reporters Will Try The Social Network Way. PressThink
Also, see beatblogging.org

Politics & Social Media
Newsvine – 1, 2, 3, 4
Facebook 1, 2
MySpace – 1, 2, 3
YouTube – 1, 2, 3

Discussion: VoteAbsentee.us

  • Feedback on template – have we captured everything you’d need to know to vote absentee? What about having a separate line for military and/or ex-pats?
  • Check out the profiles that I highlighted as models. Does everyone remember how to make a word a link?
  • Assignment: one more state by Tuesday

Peer Interaction
Per last week, one more comment (for a total of two)
(1 – Kendra) Respondents: KC, Lorin, Sammi, WhitneyB
(2 – Faith) Respondents: Khair, NicoleB, Sara, Jason
(3 – Whitney B) Respondents: Faith, Jessica, Kendra, NicoleC, WhitneyC

Ahs and the rest of the quarter

To help me prioritize — and because someone else’s “question” might be something you haven’t thought about — vote for two (not your own!).

Please use the comments field like this: Blogging Practicalities – 2 and Other – 3. You can give both of your votes to one question if it’s REALLY important to you!

A few of these lend themselves to tutorials (how to insert an image, how to incorporate multimedia like YouTube). I will be creating these, regardless of the voting!


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