Week 6 – Questions & Assignment

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This week’s questions and one of your link posts.

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  2. JasonLink Post, Wk 6 Post (read)
  3. JessicaLink Post, Wk 6 Post
  4. KendraLink Post, Wk 6 Post
  5. KhairunLink Post, Wk 6 Post
  6. KCLink Post, Wk 6 Post
  7. LorinLink Post, Wk 6 Post
  8. Nicole B.Link Post (comments not enabled), Wk 6 Post
  9. Nicole C.Link Post (with tip), Wk 6 Post
  10. SamanthaLink Post, Wk 6 Post
  11. SaraLink Post, Wk 6 Post
  12. Whitney B.Link Post, Wk 6 Post
  13. Whitney T.Wk 6 Post (read)

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Faith:
    1) What are the argument for and against screening of blogs and only allowing blogs that advocate a good cause?
    2) What are the ways in which we can push for social changes that reduce the threat arising from disclosure of personal information?
  2. Jason:
    1) How can we find a better balance between prevailing narratives on politics and more abstract/obscure thoughts and ideas?
    2) closed ended
  3. Jessica:
    – In what ways does group think exist in the world of journalism? Do journalists “group think” when it comes to deciding on what stories to report to the media?
    – In what ways does group think influence your decisions in your personal life? political beliefs?
  4. Kendra:
    1) How can reporters look beyond the political narrative to create new and interesting topics that have not already been covered?
    2) How can political journalists make themselves stand out as individuals in the groupthink culture? How are journalists individually recognized for their achievements if they are apart of a group think culture?
  5. Khairun:
    1. What advantage, if any, does use of online social media networks provide political campaigns?
    2. How can voters be better prepared to analyze information requested for and presented by political campaigns on online social media networks?
  6. KC:
    All questions are closed-ended.
  7. Lorin:
    1. Why do corporations, especially public relations firms, want to beat traditional journalists to the World Wide Web?
    2. Why is a “hierarchy of trust” online so important? Why do we need to assign levels of credibility to one commenter over another – corporate spin is covered under the 1st Amendment, so why should bloggers/journalists be so upset about it?
    3. Why do bloggers believe they are just as entitled to cover news stories as credentialed reporters from newspapers or television stations?
    4. What are the pros and cons for trusting a bloggers’ information? Pros and cons for being self-edited, as most bloggers currently are?
  8. Nicole B:
    no questions
  9. Nicole C.
    1) Why do political blogs & blogs in general lack photos and multimedia content?
    2) What are the advantages of having a separate wing of government to regulate the Internet & its content?
  10. Sami:
    1. How can you tell the difference between a “troll” and a “regular” blogger/commenter?
    2. Why would people choose to become “trolls” on a blog? What might they gain from this?
  11. Sara:
    no questions
  12. Whitney B.
    1) What are some other ways consumers can ensure what they are reading is credible, even when the information comes from a well-known news source like the New York Times?
    2) How can we as journalists and media consumers combat the fraud that exists on the internet?
  13. Whitney T.
    no questions

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