week 5 – blogs as citizen journalism

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This week’s questions:
– What’s the difference between”personal” journalism and “news”? What’s an “act of journalism”?
– Newspapers go hyper-local (what’s that?)
– Technologies: Newsvine


Let’s watch Robin Good. Note the difference between tags that are ‘concepts’ and tags that are ‘descriptive’

Today – Student-led reading discussion:
* (1 – Kendra) Carroll, B. (2004). Culture Clash: Journalism and the Communal Ethos of the Blogosphere. In L.J. Gurak, S. Antonijevic, L. Johnson, C. Ratliff, & J. Reyman (Eds.), Into the blogosphere: Rhetoric, community, and culture of weblogs.
* (2 – Faith) Outing, S. (2005, June 13). The 11 layers of citizen journalism. PoynterOnline.
* (3 – Whitney B) Yeon-Jung, Y. (2003, Sept. 17). OhMyNews Makes Every Citizen A Reporter. Japan Media Review.

Tip: Using the “more” tag

What are they? How do we manage them? (DfB, p168-169) And let’s practice!

From the syllabus:

Peer Interaction (60 points, 15% of the grade)
Social media such as blogs differ from traditional media in their facilitation of interaction. For five of our 10 weeks together, we will practice this two-way conversation. Each week, three students will have one extra reading reflection. Students will provide comments on these posts (five students per post, randomly assigned each Tuesday), and the post author will interact with his or her readers through this medium.

  • Post Author (max 20 points) – Reflect on the ideas in the extra reading, relate to the course readings, relate to personal experience. Post assessed on creativity, how well it meets journalistic standards (grammar, punctuation, spelling, style), how well it integrates course material, voice. Interaction with class members assessed on relevance, timeliness, courtesy.
  • Post Comments (max 40 points, 8 points per week) – Respond to the ideas in the reflection. Comments assessed on relevance, integration of course material/personal experience, timeliness, courtesy, voice.


(a) We’ll start with last week’s three reading posts:

(b) And more practice:

  • Select at least one of this week’s responses (listed below – not the same person you replied to above, please). Based on the discussion questions or your thoughts about the readings or anything else that seems relevant — comment on the post.

(c) And even more practice!

  • Post a comment on this blog post: What have been your biggest “ah-ha” moments so far this quarter? What would you really really like to know more about before June comes around?

Comments Due: End of class today
Authors: Reply to comments by Thursday 11.30 am

For Thursday:

Cogent Reflections For Your Consideration


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15 Responses to “week 5 – blogs as citizen journalism”

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1) Ahh ha moment: It was fascinating to learn about google news. I was both excited and scared to realize just how centralized the news publication network is. In contrast, the beauty of google news and its power to search all over the world was encouraging. I now feel like, if I have the time, I can real an unbiased and diverse view of the news.

2) I want to learn about cookies. How they impact online advertising, how they threaten my privacy, and how I can “clear” my computers cookies.

My biggest ‘ah-ha’ so far during this quarter has been learning about how blogging is becoming a more mainstream type of media. People now believe that the large newspapers will merge with each other and with online giants like Google and Amazon to stay afloat. This class has opened my eyes into the real-time reality of what is occurring, and what us as aspiring journalists and ordinary citizens should be aware of when trying to establish a career and how to receive news.

I would also like to know more about establishing and maintaining an efficient blog that can incorporate multimedia. Times are changing and it is not just about one’s writing.

I think my biggest “Ahh-ha” moment so far this quarter has been realizing the many, many, many details that exist within the blogosphere. Before coming into this class, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how blogs worked and what they were used for. But, in the past few weeks, I have realized the depth of the blogosphere and the depth of the information that is on it. It’s not just 13 year-old girls writing on their diaries, it’s actually influencing real news and the field I am studying.

In the next few weeks I just hope to learn more about where blogs are going, how they are influencing politics in the U.S. and where my degree in journalism will fit.

Oh gosh, to determine only one ah ha moment… probably the biggest ah ha moment for me was the LA Times wikitorial. Just the thought that we as citizens can participate in the development of “the news” is mind-boggling. I really love the thought of simple people like myself getting to add to the knowledge of the world. I may not receive any payment or noteriety for my couple of sentences, but if what I write makes a difference, then I feel like the world can be a better place.

What I would like to learn lots more about philosophic theories about the world (especially related to communications and ethics) and how they are applied to the online universe. As you said about many ideas are being thrown against a wall and see if they stick, I wonder how Jurgen Habermas’ idea of the public sphere or Plato’s ideas of philosopher-kings as the “know-it-all blogger” would apply. You have done a wonderful job so far – I just wonder if any proclaimed philosophers have written about the blogosphere and Internet, and what is available to us as far as the future of speech, civil liberties and the right to privacy, and how we can become better citizens online.

My biggest “aha” moment is just realizing the capabilites of the internet. I consider myself technologically savvy, but after learning all that is on the web I feel like I’m struggling to keep up.

I love learning where to go for different purposes, I would love by the end of the quarter to create a blog in which I can keep beyond this class. I am excited to link post, and basically just expand my knowledge of the art of blogging!

1) Ahh ha moment: I shared the same ahh ha moment with other students that blogging is becoming so mainstream. Bloggings popularity makes me nervous as a future journalist, so I can only imagine how people who have been working in print media for years must feel. I am very glad I am taking this class now so I will be able to utilize the tools I have developed in my future career. I want to be able to use blogs to my advantage, not to fear them and their potential.

2) Want to know more about: I want to continue learning about developing and maintaining an audience, especially outside of the classroom. For instances, how can I get my posts to show up in blog search engines? How do I cultivate a following?

Ah-ha moment: learning about how many blogs are out there. I knew that there are many blogs but I learn about new blogs or new kinds of blogs almost everytime I come to class. One of the other exciting things to learn about was wiki! Google quote search and news were also very interesting to learn about.

I want to know about the most popular blogs out there right now with the maximum readers and the amount of time it takes for them to come to this level of popularity.

Ah ha moment: When I signed up for this class I had no idea that the blogishpere was so vast and carried so much influence. I had no idea the kind of influence it had on breaking stories into the mainstream or old media.

What I would like to learn more about: I would like to learn more about customizing, subscribing, and searching for topics that I have personal interest in.

1)Ah-ha! I finally understand what a tag is! I finally know how to make google find me! As a blogger who puts in so much effort in coming up with what I termed “a quality post”, I would want to see my efforts pay off by having people read my posts and comment on it. As much as we work hard, we must work smart to let our boss know we are working hard. And in this case, our boss is our readers.

2) I want to learn how to pull together a news package story online, ie photographs, videos, slideshows, link combined with hard news reporting.

I have really enjoyed this class so far. But, to be honest – sometimes I get a little tech-overloaded! Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to learn from such a well-connected and experience Professor – I just sometimes feel like there is SOOO much I don’t know about blogs and the online world!

I think my first “ah-ha!” moment came when we learned about Google News. The personalized news websites were new to me and I have to admit, they are pretty convenient. I can definitely see myself and others in my generation using this form of news-intake in the future. Everything is just becoming so personalized these days – we see it in every form of social networking, journlism and even retail outlets online. Everyday, I learn multiple things in this class. I have an “ah-ha” moment frequently, even if it is just learning about new sites and what their capabilities are: ex: twitter, flicr, technorati, etc.

I would like to learn more corporate blogs and how they are being used to enhance business. As a senior about to graduate, I feel blogs will continue to be a big part of my career future – gaining more information about corporate blogs will give me a broader sense of how they are affecting companies in our area.

Also, having taken this class and gaining new skills…. I am curious at what sort of blogging skills companies are looking for in employees and what information I should include on my resume. Even just help with blogging lingo, key phrases or essential skills I should acquire for the “business blogging” world would be so helpful!

My biggest ah-ha moment was all about title’s. When I first created my blog it didn’t even cross my mind to make a detailed title for my post. In class and in DFB we learned about the importance of a clear and concise title. After that ah-ha moment, I went back and edited all of my title’s, because let’s face it – “Journalism” is not exactly what I want hundreds of web surfers pulling up…

By the end of the quarter I would really like to know more of the design and layout aspects of blogging. I would like to continue my blog after class and it would be great if I could change the layout (besides the limited selection of backgrounds wordpress gives) and to strategically add pictures in posts.

So far, my biggest “ah-ha” moment has been realizing how far reaching blogs can be. It really made me realize the direction that journalism is going and that I should adjust myself accordingly. I think that this will really help me when it comes time for me to find a job. At this point, I can’t think of anything that I really need to know yet.

An “ah-ha” moment for me in this class has come with orchestrating the specific technology. I have been humbled because I realize that I have alot to learn about blogging technology. Even simple tasks like a link post seem complicated. I’m excited that I am finally being challenged in class and learning applicable skills.

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