Class Notes – Week 4 – Thursday

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– How have social media changed the relationship between media outlet and audience?
Technologies: “tags” (folksonomy), Wikis

We’ll hear from Jessica, Lorin and Samantha (extra readings). We’ll focus on the “link post” — since we are a week behind in our study of blogosphere genres.The link post genre is featured in Chapter 3 of Dispatches from Blogistan. Time permitting, we’ll talk a little bit more about the group project (

Brief Discussion: Marian Liu session

Student readings:

Your Questions

  • What kind of content is appropriate to be moderated and created by communities?
  • What do you believe “the news” means in today’s context?
  • How will this ‘de-professionalism’ of journalism affect us as upcoming journalists?
  • Shirky says that before any big change, chaos ensues. How could the period we are living in now be described as chaotic for the media industry?

The Link Post

A list of related blogs – my blogroll.

From the syllabus:

Students will practice different forms of blogging rhetoric: the annotated link post, the analytical post, and the persuasive post. The maximum number of points per post is 5; there will be eight (8 ) posts.

Corresponding Assignment Details:
From Week 5 (next week) through Week 8 (four weeks) you’ll make eight additional posts that are related to course topic (politics/journalism/social media). There are three categories; you should have a minimum of two posts in each category; how you ‘spread’ the other two is up to you! You are required to post one sample in each category the week after after its introduction in class, so that we can give one another feedback.

So, by next Wednesday at 9 pm, you should have your first link post. Please categorize it as “Assignment” and “tag” it “rhetoric, blogging rhetoric”. How To Create A Link In WordPress

Course Points



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Sara, Khair, Faith

What do you believe “the news” means in today’s context?

Anything that is timely, relevant and informative that affects people lives. Celebrity Gossip/Entertainment has become a strong interest in society today. Learning anything new in any medium: A community that keeps updating the current events is a source of news which includes blogs, Wiki, forums.

Question #3: The “real” media will become “super gatekeepers”. So, blogging will become more separated where professional journalists will have their newspaper “work” blog, but will also maintain personal blogs where no one will know they are professional journalists. Blogging will become a more prominent part of a professional journalist’s life.

The de-professionalism of different industries can potentially devalue the degrees that we as students are working towards and paying for. The transformation to an online society is good in theory but in practice could be detrimental. Example, when people get a byline they are putting their reputation on the line, and therefore are more invested in getting the story straight and correct, as oppose to someone who posts under the guise of a false name or identity. Is their away for conventional journalists to separate themselves from the average person online? We don’t know.

One of the reasons chaos is so prevalent in the media industry is because there is no privacy anymore. Literally anything and everything can be accessed online. People can’t hide and all privacy is gone- journalists can cover and reports stories from all angles. Media reporting is involving more than just photos and words. New multimedia is being added to journalism, making it hard to hide facts from consumers.
Additionally, we believe there is information overload in the industry. Consumers are being bombarded with the number of sources that they can access information online. There is chaos because there is just too much information and anyone can post comments/opinions online. How do you consumers know who and what sources to trust? It’s just chaos.

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