Week 3 – Th

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week 3 – journalism in a digital world (tu 15 apr, th 17 apr)
– Why are newspapers and broadcast outlets on the Web?
– Why are politicians and governments on the Web?
– How are digital public different from traditional media publics?
– Technologies: Twitter, GoogleMaps


  • Questions/Discussion
  • Next week: individual readings begin
  • Group project

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Why Deploy Via The Web (computer or mobile device access)?

  • Jon Stewart 2007 clip – presidential announcements
  • Reasons for news organizations?

How-To Questions

  • How can we scope out the “coolest” new blogs?

Some of Your Discussion Questions (arranged by theme)

  • Social Impacts:
    How has technology changed journalism? As more printed informational materials like newspapers, books, magazines and pamphlets are published online, how will this change our traditional libraries? How successful have the traditional media been with blogging? And how would we measure this? What do you see as the impact of advertisement revenue sharing on journalistic integrity of bloggers? In what ways do/does You Tube have the potential to affect our world in world in a negative rather than positive way? How can the power of the blogosphere and accessibility to open-source information be maintained if big conglomerates start buying over the blogosphere?
  • Social Production:
    Many professionals believe sites like Wikipedia are not credible resources. Why do so many people object to Wikipedia, do you think? How can wikis be credible/gain credibility when anyone can edit the content? Since the data on Wikipedia is constantly changing and improving, how and when will it become known as a credible source for research?
  • Access:
    How would you recommend changing our educational systems access to technology to level the playing field for all children to learn about new Web 2.0 technologies such as blogging? What is the risk of not allowing social media in the classroom? How (if at all) is Web society missing out by not being able to include older, less tech savvy generations?
  • Privacy:
    What impacts on privacy result from keeping online journals? How might police (and other officials) use personal blogs and social network profiles to assist with investigations? What would be the ramifications?

Individual Readings (see assignment list)

  • OK to swap with one another – just tell me!
  • Be prepared to lead discussion on Tuesday, although sometimes it may bleed into Thursday, depending on guest speakers

Group Project Discussion


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