Week 2 Notes – Th

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  • Framing Blog Discussion (with humor)
  • Discuss Gillmor (your questions)
  • Lab

This Week’s PPT

Historical Framing: Blogs

Jon Stewart Clip (Ron Corddry on blogs, 2005)


Customize Sidebar
Dashboard -> Design -> Widgets
Manipulate then “save”

  • Categories
  • Archives
  • Links
  • Meta

Customize Comment Permissions
Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussion
Change “Before a comment appears” — check only “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail” -> Save

Customize “About” Page
Dashboard -> Manage -> Pages -> About

Customize Design, Time (GMT -8)
Dashboard -> Settings -> General (timezone)
Dashboard -> Design

Where to Find Political or News Blogs?

Student question for later (Whitney):
What exactly classifies as open sourcing? Does writing on someone’s facebook wall or commenting on a blog count? What about editing Wikipedia? Is it more accurate to classify those examples under the umbrella of consumer generated content? Is there an easy way to differentiate these two terms?

Student small group responses in comments to Samantha’s question:
Why would some people say that blogging is just a fad and participation will soon be dropping?


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4 Responses to “Week 2 Notes – Th”

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Samantha, Lorin and Whitney B:
We, the future of the media, believe that we’ll be writing from the comfort of our own homes. You may not have to pick up a phone to write a story as the event you are covering is being broadcasted online. Blogging is not a fad, but the future. “Naked” reporting will take on a whole new meaning with blogs.

Blogging will not end. As we advance as a society, the technologies we enjoy will advance as well. For example, note the transition from Friendster-myspace-facebook. The root principles that are attractive about blogging (communication, freedom, accessibility, personal style, voice) will transfer over into the latest and greatest online platform.

Group Comments Concerning Samantha’s Question #2:
– Not everyone has the access to computers, but access to TV and newspapers is more widespread.
– Blogging is only a fad/trend for people that have access to technology.
– People are content with current media so they don’t want to take the time to research new blogs. “Don’t rock the boat.” If something isn’t broken, why fix it?
– People don’t trust the credibility of blogs. Anybody can post to blogs, whether they are credible source or not.

Khair, Faith and Sara
-Participation may drop as there are a lot more people blogging, a lot more people expressing their opinion, but who will be reading?
-Blogging is a trend and trends tend to fade with time.
-The comments are not moderated so the quality cannot be controlled. This may discourage further participation in discussion.

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