Questions – Week 2

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Each week, I compile your questions in a post like this. Having your questions and link here is the first step towards my recording the week’s points in the spreadsheet. It is your responsibility to alert me if I erred (did not mark and extra-credit or missed your questions).

Remember: questions must NOT be closed-ended … appending “why?” doesn’t count! Think and rephrase. This will help you when you are preparing for an interview!

  1. Faith:
    1) How are journalists going to react to the blogosphere as the new watchdog?
    2) With low barrier to entry, anyone can come up with blogs and share information, hence, how do online journalists jostle for attention from the readers? How do we get discovered and remain interesting to readers before they click on the next blog link? What kind of marketing skills must we employ?
  2. Jason:
  3. Jessica:
    • What direct effect will blogs bring to popular media such as magazines and newspapers that we have yet to see?
    • What role does grassroots activism have in the current presidential election?
  4. Kendra (ec)
    1) With the various options and add-ons available on blog sites, how does one decide what will enhance or inhibit their pages’ success?
    2) Since there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the web now, how does one make their blog unique and different from the rest?
    3) How do blog authors attract an audience and develop a following when many blogs cover the exact same topics (ex. politics)?
  5. Khair
    1) What do individual bloggers need to do to gain credibility and respect of the traditional media?
    [Closed-ended: Does the Internet really provide a level playing field for the individuals? Do political science students in Beijing and London really have equal opportunities of self expression compared to the equivalent government supported news agencies?]
  6. KC
    1) How does the use of a blog as a soap box improve and hurt our society’s various conversations through new media?
    [Closed-ended: Has blogging gained enough power and momentum in our current society to “help shape our communities” or is it still a developing form of communication? How would we measure this?]
    [Closed-ended: Can a blog truly be used for objective reporting? Will there always be underling personal opinions since it is such a free form of writing? ]
  7. Lorin (ec)
    1) Why does Gillmor think that citizen-journalists will play as equally an important role as traditional Big Media journalists?
    2) What kind of effect have blogs had on the journalism world, and why?
  8. Nicole B. (ec)
    1) In what ways do you think the creation and rise of blogs will help and hinder the upcoming presidential election?
    2) What are the differences between online logs such as facebook and myspace from blogs?
    [Closed-ended: Would you consider online social networks a kind of blogging?]
  9. Nicole C
    1) Based on current media trends, what do you believe will be the next evolution in how news is communicated?
    2) After reading chapter 9 from Dispatches From Blogistan, which pieces of advice did you find the most useful?
  10. Samantha
    1) Both blogs and columns in print media are used to express the author’s opinions. How are the two different and how are they similar?
    2) Why would some people say that blogging is just a fad and participation will soon be dropping?
  11. Sara (ec)
    1) Why is it important to encourage dialogue through comments?
    2) What do you think will happen to the newspaper industry as a result of the blogging boom?
    [Closed: Do you think it’s a good or bad thing that anyone can create a blog and possibly “pollute” the blogosphere? Why?]
  12. Whitney B (ec)
    1) Why would losing the aspect of physical reporting be a positive or negative in modern media?
    2) How can we, as information seekers, ensure credible sources from the Web?
  13. Whitney T (ec)
    1) Compare and contrast the influence of talk radio and blogs on the 2008 presidential election campaign? Provide an example from both radio and blogging that illustrates the impact of individual voices impacting the mainstream.
    2) What exactly classifies as open sourcing? Does writing on someone’s facebook wall or commenting on a blog count? What about editing Wikipedia? Is it more accurate to classify those examples under the umbrella of consumer generated content? Is there an easy way to differentiate these two terms?

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