Week 10 Questions

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Your discussion questions

1. What would you suggest a B or C-list blog do to get to the A-list? Is there a clear route?

2. I don’t click on online ads? Does anyone else?

3. To steal a question from the article – Will professionalization turn blogging into media-as-usual?

4. Is convergence good business, or is it the honest blogger selling out to make a quick buck?

5. Is it better for blogging to go back to a no-profit medium, or is blogging becoming as big as newspapers, TV’s and radio?

6. How many blogs do you regularly visit that you found on your own, without anyone telling you about it?

7. Is it worth it to put a lot of time and hopes into a blog for revenue–you could make it big or it could flop.

8. What is more important, having a large network of people to promote to or taking hours to make a blog as perfect (for a particular audience) as possible?

9. Would you want to be a “professional blogger?”

10. Should people make a living blogging?

11. If you wanted to create a blog today to compete with some of the top blogs out there, what would it be about? What features would it have?

12. Do you agree with The New York Times Magazine’s premise that blogs are going to become the stuff of corporations and get swallowed up the way Microsoft tends to swallow up startups?

13. Do you think that the majority of our news will eventually come from bloggers? (Is this already the case?)

14. Could selling of adspace lead to censoring?

15. What do you think it takes to make money off blogs?

16. How important is it to keep the blogging arena a public arena?

17. Do you think blogs will replace online newspapers? How will the credibility be determined?

18. Would you want to have a hugely popular blog that you were a slave to? Or would you rather blog for your own enjoyment—without the pressure?

19. Do you check out other blogs that are similar to some of the major blogs that you frequent?

20. Have you ever thought about starting a blog that you can manage on a 24 hours per day level?

21. “Blogging is increasingly becoming a survival of the fittest—and that all boils down to who has the best content.” Do you believe this quote is true? Do you believe that blogs will easily replace on another?

22. How often do you go to already-popular blogs?

23. How often do you branch out and search the web for new sources? Do you think that convenience or unconformity is more important in the blogspace?


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