Week 9 Notes – Tu

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how technology shapes the world

  • Two discussion leaders (Young, Blythe)
  • Reading (no posts: Ashley, Ben, Colleen, Mineko)
    Review two and comment before we start with the formal discussion

  • Your discussion questions
    • Knowing that financial burdens do influence news, does the news have a higher responsibility than profit?
    • Is the use of simple language, by journalists, taking away from rich discourse? Are journalists dumbing down their vocabulary and wit to cater to a larger audience and if so, should they? Will it take away from authentic and original voices?
    • Regarding online transparency: “with this openness comes an inevitable loss of personal privacy.” Are people willing to compromise privacy to be allowed access to these other utilities, or are people going to view their privacy as more important than easy access to information?
    • Is this rise of technology a potential hazard for our economy because of its threat of putting newspaper journalists and phone companies out of jobs? And is it worth it?
    • Do you think anything else will ever come along that will be bigger than the internet in the way that the internet has revolutionized many aspects of our everyday lives?
    • Do you think that journalism and wikis will eventually merge completely, and that all online news content will be modifiable?
    • Has the internet impacted your life at all by fragmenting groups you belong to into smaller factions (like rock into punk, indy, emo and so forth)?
    • What is the biggest social impact that you have noticed because of the internet?
    • Do you think that the internet has decreased the patience of people?
    • Why are these websites becoming so popular? Is it that difficult to surf the net for an extra five minutes to find news? Well the answer is actually quite simple. Simplicity, Convenience, and overall ease seems to be the key… Do you think this only shows how lazy people in our society is getting?
    • The article states that “The human readers of blogs are beginning to behave like bots, too.” Do you agree that people are becoming mindless bots that simply scroll through headlines?
    • With internet news reading becoming a much more mainstream way of communications, have you seen a change in the way people perceive traditional media? If not, do you expect to see any changes in the near future?
  • Newsvine Posts/Seeds of Note This Week (note – some of you all are behind!)
  • Lab

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