Week 7 Questions

Posted on 8 May 2007. Filed under: Questions |

Reading reflection questions:

1. What are some of the similarities between YouTube and Napster?

2. Will YouTube be successful and survive the copyright infringement lawsuits?

3. Are there similarities between YouTube and the Google Book Search Project? Does the logic apply that having content on YouTube will ultimately help the networks (i.e. NBC, CBS) and bolster ratings apply to authors that have their writing on GBS? Yes/no & why?

4. Do you agree with the idea held by both YouTube and GBS that it is up to the content owner to alert them to infringing material on the website? What are some positive and negative ramifications of such a notification system?

5. With YouTube making deals with major media companies, is there a risk that smaller, individual content contributors will be pushed to the fringes and lose their voice? Will these media companies be buying top-of-the-page search results? Does this raise issues similar to those in the net-neutrality debate?

6. With the Warner and NBC agreements with YouTube in mind, how long until sites like YouTube are just an extension of mainstream media? Is their socio-political significance as a user-based “web 2.0” site lost through arrangements like this, or is it just a fair and legal compromise?

7. If YouTube continues to allow the posting of copyrighted material, will we reach a point where copyrights aren’t enough to protect one’s work?

8. Did the tons of lawsuits against Napster kill the business? Or was it just a passing fad with bad luck?

9. What are the alternatives to YouTube?

10. Is it a good move for media companies to embrace the exposure that social networking technology provides or are they cheapening their material by making it so available for others to access? How about the little guys? The media producers like independent movie makers that are looking to make a buck or two with their art only to see it posted for free on YouTube? Are they in a position to negotiate for revenue sharing with sites like YouTube? Will it be worth their time and money to get involved in the legal wrangling?

11. “Youtube was launched when social networking websites were popular, video recorders inexpensive, and do-it-yourself media was evolving past text-based blogs”–were all these factors imperative for the succcess of youtube? If any of these were lacking, would it still have launched the way it did?

12. If youtube is giving up ad space for copyrighted material, where is the money going to generate from?

13. If Google loses copyright infringement lawsuits, was it worth it for them to buy youtube? Have they made a profit yet?

14. Should media practitioners be the ones that have to police video sharing sites like YouTube for copyright infringement?

15. Should YouTube begin charging people to set up accounts or view videos? Do you think that’s what we’re heading for?

16. Do you think it’s really possible to regulate things like YouTube?

17. What is the plausibility of policing a site like YouTube for copyright infringement?

18. Do you think that copyright laws can go a bit too far like with the case of copyrighting a phrase?

19. Playing the role of Google how do you weigh the attention of a site like YouTube versus they possibility of being in lawsuits over copyright infringement?

20. How do different regulations in different countries allow for moderation?

21. Do you think Youtube will be the same if there was an automatic upload filter that disabled videos that may cause copyright infringement?

22. Do you usually use Youtube to watch personal videos or TV show clips?

23. Recently, Spiderman 3, released this past weekend was uploaded and enabled to be viewed on Youtube. Do you think Youtube is only getting worse?

24. How many websites or programs do you know of where you can download or watch unreleased movies online?

25. Do you think that websites like YouTube can stop copyright infringements and choose not to?


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