Week 6 – Questions

Posted on 3 May 2007. Filed under: Questions |

Questions compiled from reading reflections:

  1. Group 1 – philosophical
    • Since all campaigns have adapted, to greater or lesser degrees, this model of campaigning, is it still innovative and “grass roots” politics? Could someone with no name recognition achieve the same amount of success using the internet? If everyone does this now, is it still an advantage, or has the “grassroots” appeal been stolen by corporate political consultants?
    • Are [candidates] really that interested in on-line organizing? Is it all about getting the money?
    • What is the impact of a good internet marketing campaign?
    • What are some of the negative aspects of utilizing internet campaigning over traditional ways?
    • Why was Howard Dean the one who revolutionized online campaigning? Was it Dean himself, someone within the campaign, something about the supporters he attracted?
  2. Group 2 – Voting
    • why don’t people vote, and how can we get them to care enough to?
    • Do you think that increasing online involvement will increase the percentage of citizens who go to the polls in the next presidential election?
    • What are some of the larger problems with politicians websites, in terms of ease of use or certain annoyances?
  3. Group 3 – Personal
    • How many of you in the class have actually visited a candidate’s website and organized a get together based on what they provide for you?
    • Have you gone to any meetups or similar events to support a candidate?
    • What kind of a blog do you want to see from a government candidate?
    • As a blogger, do you feel like you have a civic duty to add to the conversation?
    • How important is the internet to you when elections begin?
    • Do you think as the blogging community grows, it will make a major change in the way people decide on their vote?

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