Week 6 Notes – Th

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week 6 – blogs and politics

  • Intro Bits & Pieces:
    • Grades updated
    • Suggestion: no “uncategorized” posts in WordPress
    • Links – make a word or phrase a hyperlink, not the URL
    • Make all links “hot”!
    • Remember to sign group blog posts
    • How to break a post into two parts (more)
    • Bill Moyers on open source journalism
  • Lecture / Discussion
  • Student Presentation
  • Group Project – Campaign Insights
    1. Candidates assigned
      • For next week: begin research. Post to your wordpress blog a short bio of the candidate, be sure to cite (link) sources; find a publicly available photo (not news); spend some time on the website and note your reactions: read the website like you were considering voting for this person — what issues are important to you — are they addressed?
      • Question: what should be included in the bio? How long is “short”?
    2. Student bios needed – photos?
    3. Who wants to write … “about this site” ?

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4 Responses to “Week 6 Notes – Th”

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Bio length should be 2-3 paragraphs.

A chronological list of the candidate’s relevant (elected) experience. If the candidate championed certain causes like headed a congressional committee or is known for a particular policy issue, that should be highlighted.

The candidate’s personal info: age/birth date, family, hometown, education.

Basically, we think there should be at least one paragraph on their professional history/experience. Any additional info on their stances should follow this paragraph.

The first paragraph, however, should be personal background, i.e. where they were born, raised and by who, where they got their education and when they graduated, who they married, kids, etc.

How long should a “short” bio be

Less than two hundred words
Web site link
Major platform issues–we decided that perhaps we should, as a class, pick three or four main issues and list what each candidates’ position is on those common issues.

Categories we should include:
-background/family/education/former careers
-“pet” issues
-committee assignments, experience
-stances on key issues (Iraq, abortion, gun control, etc.)
-scandals, controversies(?)

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