Questions – Week 2

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Only need one post per week – not one per reading. Remember — discussion questions! Missing discussion questions from

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Questions follow:

  1. Could blogging go as far as to have an impact on the political relationship between countries?
  2. Does the idea of a “global village” allow journalists to better connect with a variety of people around the world, or does it instead result in more irresponsible journalism?
  3. What makes you not trust mainstream media?
  4. How many blogs is too many blogs? If the growth of citizen blogs is exponential, will the problem of not being able to wade through the swamp of blogs get worse or do you foresee a solution?
  5. Does a mistake in grammar or spelling deplete a blogger’s credibility?
  6. If they wish to run their blogs in a similar civil way, how does a blogger with no preceding reputation hope to enjoy the same degree of civility with their readers? (Obviously, you have to have an audience of at least readers to regulate one another.) I used to assume that all bloggers would want civility but that’s not always the case.
  7. If you, as a blogger, choose to lay down ground rules for interaction, how do you do in such a way that doesn’t sound condescending or limiting to your readers?
  8. What is the best way to get blogging to pass barriers of class, race, etc? How can people with little or no access to technology get their voices heard?
  9. Is blogging important just in the sphere of community journalism, or does it serve a more simplistic end? Is it more about the writer and him/her expressing himself/herself?
  10. Is a wiki a blog?
  11. If blog content is viewed as headlines, why wouldn’t clever ideas be a part of the headline or at the top to hook readers, instead of the middle?
  12. Are our blogs/reading reflections supposed to be conversations? Should we be responding to comments or are the reading reflections just solely reflections?
  13. In ten years where do you think the most journalism jobs will be?
  14. How much of your work do you expect to be on the internet at a job in 5 years?
  15. How has the emphasis on personalization of online media altered the way newspapers do business?
  16. Gillmor writes, “With the weblog, barriers to entry are low: a computer, a net connection, and a software program…” This is true, but not everyone can have a computer and in many developing countries gaining access to computers is very hard. Are the barriers really that low?
  17. With the rise and popularity of blogs and wikis, will literacy rates and importance placed on writing as a skill increase?
  18. Is blogging a symptom of societies push for an individualistic society?
  19. Should there be required learning in early years of school for how to do fact checking on blogs to check the reliability of the information presented?
  20. What are ways for bloggers to obtain a rapport with readers and fellow bloggers?
  21. Will blogs become a requirement in the mainstream journalist world in the future? Why or why not?
  22. How informal is too informal? Is it okay to write in first person when writing a political blog?
  23. When television news began to become a household name, I, personally, did not think any other forms of technological advancements could be possible. Do you believe blogs will sooner or later transform into something that is far beyond our imagination? If so, what are some of your suggestions?

  24. Do you agree with Philip Agre and his definition of a public voice? Or do you believe that a public voice is a much more subjective word that does not have a clear definition?

  25. Do you think blogs are simply a trend that will phase out over a short period of time or do you think blogs will become the new medium to journalism/media?


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How do you think blogging has added or subtracted from the paper in terms of quality and or integrity?


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