Questions for Journalist Bloggers

Posted on 3 April 2007. Filed under: Questions |

1. How do you approach blogging? What are your rules and ideas about what a blog should offer to its readers?

2. Do you see citizen journalism (in the form of blogs) as a complement to what you do as an employed journalist or as a distraction from professional journalism?

3. Do you see blogging becoming an essential part of a journalist/reporter’s life? As an addition to what a journalist/reporter is already responsible for doing?

4. In ten years where do you think the most journalism jobs will be?

5. How much of your work do you expect to be on the internet in 5 years?

6. What are ways for bloggers to obtain a rapport with readers and fellow bloggers? Is this important for journalists who blog?

7. There is often a notion of blogging being much different than standard traditional journalism, what differences have you found working as a Journalist Blogger?

8. I have often heard that many readers often avoid blogs due to its biased entries, what would you tell them in response?

9. Based on the comments your receive, do you get a large number of people? Is it the same small group of people commenting repeatedly?

10. What are some of the filtering things you need to do in order to keep conversations on point?

11. Now that you’re blogging, what’s next in terms of using social media? Will we see you streaming video or posting podcasts?

Added 10 April:


1. Do you see any danger in people limiting the information they take in because they rely too heavily on blogs? Generally, it seems that people are going to read the blogs of writers whose opinions are similar to theirs owns, which may limit what they are exposed to. Whereas reading a standard newspaper, excluding the op-ed’s and columnist commentary, there seems to be more straight reporting of the facts with much less opinion injected into the stories.

2. Is it fair to categorize blogs as more opinion driven than standard “journalism?”

3. Do you consider blogging journalism? If not, what distinction between the two do you see?


4) Do you ever anonymously respond to other blogs or comments on your own blog? Do you think it’s appropriate for journalists to do so? Do you think it happens at all?

5) Do you find it difficult to keep bias out of your blog when you’re allowed to put more personality into it?

6) How do you feel about “reader blogs” on newspaper websites?


Specifically for Todd Bishop

1) Do you utilize the Microsoft blog to obtain responses from readers through email and comments more so than informing readers?

2) What do you utilize as your main source of information on the Microsoft blog?


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