Questions – Week 1

Posted on 29 March 2007. Filed under: Questions |

Questions from blog posts:

  • On September 11th, did you gather your news on the day’s events from the internet or from television broadcasts?
  • If such an event as September 11th happened today, would you check the internet or turn on the television first?
  • Connection between open source software and journalism.
  • Why would a student start their own blog page?
  • What should the role of blogging be in journalism in the next five years?
  • What should the role of blogging be in politics in the next five years?
  • Are networking sites like Myspace and Facebook a form of blogging?
  • How would the government gain control of the release of citizen journalism? If they did, how would this affect the mainstream media? Would it return to the days of subjective news?
  • How does the increased level of interaction benefit the reader or viewer of news today? Is interaction crucial to soaking in news?
  • Could blogging go as far as to have an impact on the political relationship between countries?
  • Does the idea of a “global village” allow journalists to better connect with a variety of people around the world, or does it instead result in more irresponsible journalism?
  • Is weblogging necessarily “better” or “worse” than traditional journalism?
  • Will weblogging eventually make traditional journalism obsolete?

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